University Crossroads Honor for Social Impact

Friday, 07 October 2022 • Herb Booth:

The University of Texas at Arlington’s University Crossroads has received a Social Impact Award from the North Texas Commission for its lasting impact in shaping the region.

Michel Bobadilla

“These unique awards represent the importance of public and private sector leaders to our region and the importance of collaboration in North Texas,” said Chris Wallace, Commission Chair and CEO. “The past few years have reminded us that we are better together as we act as one united region to meet our challenges and work on future growth opportunities.”

There were nine recipients out of more than 50 candidates. President Jennifer Cowley accepted the award on behalf of UTA and congratulated all the winners for their hard work “towards a common goal”.

“We are proud of the thousands of students who were able to attend colleges across North Texas and beyond,” Cowley said. “This program is one of the primary outreach, community engagement, and services programs that support students, and we sponsored this program because we know its impact. I am proud to share that University Crossroads has reached across hundreds of thousands of homes in North Texas to ensure disadvantaged students are ready to navigate higher education, Which we know will change their lives.”

The mission of the University of Crossroads is to expand access to and success in higher education for first- and second-generation students from low-to-middle-income families. University Crossroads serves more than 40,000 students annually throughout North Texas in areas such as SAT readiness, college applications, financial aid knowledge, and financial literacy. All services are free.

More than 100 community partners have committed to serving students in collaboration with University Crossroads. The program has been in operation for more than three decades, helping students navigate the path to higher education in North Texas.

“It is an honor to be recognized for the social impact our program has made,” said Michelle Bobadilla, UTA Associate Senior Vice President for Communication and Community Engagement and Associate Dean for Hispanic Student Success. “We are building a much-needed pathway to the college to ensure students are prepared for the demands of the global market.”

– By Devynn Case

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