Tens of thousands of Russian troops have been deployed along the Ukrainian border, refusing to allow personal sanctions against President Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine.

Western countries, including Britain, could impose financial and economic sanctions on  New Financial and Economic Sanctions Russia If he invaded Ukraine.

“The law allows us to pursue a wide range of goals. So no one thinks they will be free from those sanctions, ”Tres, who is due to visit Ukraine and Russia in the next two weeks, told Sky News.

She previously said that only companies directly involved in the unrest in Ukraine could be affected. According to plans for this week, the expansion could include Russian financial institutions, energy companies and close associates of the Kremlin.

“Any company interested in the Kremlin and the regime in Russia could be targeted, and there will be no place for Putin’s oligarchs to hide from Russian companies involved in expanding the Russian government.”

Asked if the new forces could include looting property in London, Tres said: “Nothing is off the table.”

In an article published by the US Center for Progress on the United States https://www.americanprogress.org/article/how-the-united-states-should-respond-if-russia-invades-ukraine last week Conservative party, close ties between press and real estate and financial industry:

“There is a threat to freedom and democracy here in Europe,” he said. This is more important than the short-term economic gains for the UK but also for our European partners.

NATO deployment

The British government on Saturday said it was considering using as a major NATO source. The response of many Russian troops is part of a plan to strengthen Europe’s borders.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit the area next week, and will also hold talks with Putin by telephone.

Britain has provided lethal weapons to Ukraine to defend itself, and Truss said on Sunday that it was “unlikely” that British troops would be sent to Ukraine to train a small number of military personnel.

He added that if Russia invaded, the Ukrainians would “fight hard” and that this could be “shocking” compared to previous military intervention in Afghanistan or Chechnya.


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