NHC official He Kingwa said on Saturday that the chances of the Tianjin outbreak spreading to other areas were gradually reduced because new cases had been identified in the past three days.

A small number of crew members were injured in various “community-level locks” during the Tianjin epidemic, Boeing said on Tuesday.

In response to a question from Reuters, Boeing China said:

Volkswagen and Toyota junction factories in Tianjin closed due to the outbreak.

According to a statement from Volkswagen Group China on Tuesday, the city’s Volkswagen body factory has undergone some changes since last Thursday.

Tianjin has reported more than 300 symptomatic local cholera cases from the current cluster, which has spread to two other cities. It is not clear how many environmental issues there were in Omiron in Tianjin.

Although Tianjin’s case is smaller than most outbreaks, it has made it difficult for locals to evacuate the city, shutting down high-risk communities and launching several trials among its 14 million residents, under Chinese guidance to quell any fires as quickly as possible.

The country’s capital, Beijing, is set to host the Winter Olympics from February 4, a domestic source said Monday. The infected person was a close observer of the local Omicron case reported on January 15.

Officials in Beijing and Shenzhen say China is asking people to wear masks and gloves when opening envelopes because Beijing and Shenzhen officials say imports of Omikron in cities “cannot be eliminated.”

The city of Anyang, in central China, has been hit by a possible outbreak of typhoid fever in Tianjin.

Anyang urged residents not to leave their community over the weekend.

China reported 127 domestic issues on Monday, down from 163 a day earlier.

No new deaths were reported on Monday, bringing the death toll to 4,636. A.D. As of January 17, the mainland China had 105,258 certified tokens, including domestic and foreign ones.



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