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Thomas Cook India excelled in the forks of Education.

Published March 16, 2022

After 2021 epidemic recovery, it will be 120% higher than before the epidemic

It will redesign and improve the Study Buddy Student Portfolio to provide significant benefits to Indian students who want to study overseas.

  • Thomas Cook – India’s largest foreign exchange service provider
  • Foreign exchange supply #GharpeForex in 2 hours
  • Reload Forex Prepaid Cards in 2 Hours
  • University referral in 4 easy steps; In 24 hours
  • Non-contact, non-conflict, secure transactions
  • ጨረሻ Application fees, university fees, living expenses, student remittance, prepaid card, cash
  • Mixed Model: Clicks and Mortar – Multiple Digital Platforms + Largest Physical Network Pan India; 18 counters at leading airports

Thomas Cook (India) Limited – India’s leading multidisciplinary travel and foreign exchange service company has identified overseas education as a growing and growing opportunity. The company has upgraded its pre-epidemic status, and has strategically initiated a study budding student portfolio to target this valuable segment. Foreign exchange is a significant driver of the company’s business and continues to grow at a 40% QoQ. Forex Business serves more than 1 million customers each year, 1000+ corporate clients, 1Mn + direct forex prepaid card users, and over 1 Lakh overseas students.

In an effort to support its student clients during the epidemic, Thomas Cook has developed a digital first strategy to accelerate the transition of the foreign exchange business to its virtual platforms – ensuring secure and seamless processes. In addition to overseas remittances, to provide immediate financial support to students and to refill their forex cards within 2 hours, the company’s forex teams have launched a useful Ghar pe Forex service – within 2 hours of entry.

According to a study by strategic advisors RedSer, in 2019, about 7.70,000 Indian students increased overseas by 160% to 160 million. Expected in 2024. In addition, 2022 is in high demand due to the fact that Indian students have not been able to attend school for more than two years. Thomas Cook India’s internal data replicates this opportunity with great interest, and as a result, the company has updated its research partner program to take advantage of student opportunities.

The service area includes the following

  • End-to-end portfolio closing application fees, university fees, living expenses, student remittances, prepaid card, cash
  • Foreign exchange supply #GharpeForex in 2 hours
  • Reload Forex prepaid cards in 2 hours
  • University referral in 4 easy steps; In 24 hours
  • Unconnected and Frequent Services through Thomas Cook India Mixed Clicks and Mortar Model

Thomas Cook’s data also show that cities 2, 3, 4 are from India, such as Nagorno-Salem, Lukman, Bubaneswar, Aurangabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Calyket, Huli, etc. Thomas Cook’s Buddhist research program ensures that comfort, security and connectivity services are supported by India’s largest digital network – the Online Store and more than 65+ branches in India and a strong forex call center.

4 Easy Steps To Get Forex

  1. Login (link) and select the amount and amount you want
  2. Enter student details and delivery option
  3. Pay online
  4. Get an order confirmation

Mr. Depesque Varma, Senior Vice President of Foreign Exchange, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.Despite the challenges of the epidemic, our foreign exchange teams have shown remarkable efficiency and innovation in delivering services such as Gahr Pex within 2 hours, easy 4-click online booking and fast and seamless transactions. Our Store to the Student House ”

He added: “Our Forex trading continues to grow at a strong 40% QoQ and was a key part of our overseas education revitalization strategy. We are very cruel about the student class, as we have blocked more than 120% growth compared to the pre-epidemic stage. Our Special Partner Program has been upgraded to provide a wide range of services to ensure smooth, seamless and secure transactions for students with all the academic requirements of their home security.

Based on the Indian Metro or Level 2-3 Cities and Cities, we encourage our students with digital network convenience and preference. – More than 100 stores in 65 cities across the country.

The overseas department offers significant and growing potential and this is our opportunity to make the most of it.


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