U.S. officials want to work with Castro to curb illegal immigration from Central America and provide international support to Taiwan. Honduras is one of the few countries in the world that has diplomatic relations with Taipei.

Castro, the first woman to lead Honduras, has been embroiled in controversy with her own party. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

Taiwan’s Vice President William Attacks Graduation  Castro has threatened to shift his allegiance from Taipei to Beijing if he is elected president during a campaign to strengthen ties with Honduras.

Castro said after meeting Leigh on Wednesday that Honduras is grateful for Taiwan’s support and hopes to continue their relationship . The COVID-19 epidemic was originally scheduled to hold regular talks with Castro and supply materials, but was canceled, according to the Taiwan Central News Agency.

Luis Lyon, director of the Dutch Institute for Multi-Party Democracy in Central America, said Harris ‘arrival was encouraging for Castro to take control of Congress and Honduras’ weak economy.

“This means that the United States has the opportunity to express its interest in issues such as migration and the continuation of relations with neighboring Taiwan,” Lyon said.

Although the United States does not support the “One China” policy, it recognizes Beijing as a part of Taiwan. The United States does not have a formal diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.

Harris was commissioned by President Joe Biden to address the “root causes” of migration from Central America, but her trip came as Biden’s popularity at home diminished and his immigration strategy came to an end  Stopped .

In a bilateral meeting with Castro, Haris plans to discuss economic opportunities, the fight against corruption and migration, according to US officials.

“We want to do everything we can to make this new president a better place,” an administration official told reporters.

Castro is committed to tackling corruption, poverty and violence in Honduras, which have contributed to the increase in illegal immigration in Honduras.

But her legislative program was threatened by apostate politicians from her Liberal Party, who voted for one of the Conservative National Party members to lead Congress over the weekend.

That rival legislature formed and broke Libre’s agreement with his Salvador party to appoint one of its members to lead a second Congress.

Castro and his party have recognized Salvador’s legislature as the legitimate leader of Congress.

Castro’s graduation ends eight-year rule of Juan Orlando Hernandez, a nationalist accused of corruption and drug trafficking in US courts.

Hernandez, who was sentenced last year to life in prison and sentenced to 30 years in prison by a U.S. judge for drug trafficking, has repeatedly denied the allegations.



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