HOUSTON (January 5, 2023)—The Greater Houston Partnership is partnering with a national extension organization to launch a first-of-its-kind regional extension initiative. Ahead of the launch this month, 10 companies have committed to providing professional mentors for the program, while at least 5 universities in the region will provide the opportunity for mentoring to their students.

Dubbed PartnerUp Houston, the initiative is designed to proactively address equity and skills gaps in the region, increase workforce readiness for Houston’s college graduates, and enhance the pipeline of talent in the local economy.

“Since 2017, the partnership has facilitated collaboration between higher education leaders and the business community to enhance the talent pipeline in the region and ensure more opportunities for the citizens of Houston,” said Partnership President Thad Hill, who serves as Calpine’s President and CEO. “We believe that a strong regional mentorship program like PartnerUp will help accelerate career outcomes for students and help employers in the Houston area identify and develop great talent.”

Companies including Calpine, Boston Consulting Group and HP have signed on to provide professional mentors to the PartnerUp Houston program. Area universities that offer mentorship opportunities to their students include Houston Christian University, Rice University, Sam Houston State University, University of Houston, and the University of St. Thomas. Area companies interested in joining PartnerUp to provide career mentors, as well as individuals interested in becoming career mentors, are encouraged to visit this page to learn more.

PartnerUp Houston is a collaborative project between the Greater Houston Partnership and the Mentor Collective, partner of choice for large-scale peer and alumni mentorship solutions and the Lumina Foundation Impact Investment. Since 2016, the Mentor Collective has facilitated over 250,000 successful mentorship matches and has had a proven impact on student retention, self-effectiveness for career decision-making, and a sense of belonging.

The United States is increasingly lagging behind the developed world in economic mobility. Proactively closing these equity and skills gaps requires that local employers and post-secondary institutions collaborate on initiatives that allow students to gain professional experiences and skills,” said Jackson Boyar, Co-Founder and CEO of the Mentor Collective. Institutions that enroll and graduate in a semester-diverse with Strong Employment Outcomes are those organizations that provide comprehensive student support, including career counseling. The Mentor Collective is proud to play a role in the PartnerUp Houston initiative and provide the technology needed to scale high-impact practices that drive student and economic success.”

Businesses and individuals may continue to register for the mentorship through January 20, for the spring semester.


Greater Houston Partnership
The Greater Houston Partnership makes Houston one of the best places to live, work, and build a business. As the region’s economic development organization, the Partnership champions growth across 12 counties by bringing together business and civic leaders who are dedicated to achieving long-term success in the region. The partnership represents more than 950 member organizations and nearly a fifth of the region’s workforce, and is where companies come together to make an impact. Learn more at Houston.org.

Mentor Collective
The Mentor Collective – the leading provider of high-impact, large-scale mentorship solutions in higher education – is a group of institutions and thought leaders dedicated to closing the equity gap through mentorship. Founded in 2014, the Mentor Collective has delivered more than 800 unique mentorship programs, created more than 180 corporate partnerships, and formed more than 250,000 mentor relationships through expert-led services and technology. As the Lumina Foundation’s first impact investment, the Mentor Collective partners with forward-thinking organizations committed to equity, inclusion, and relationship-centered education. Download the EdTech For Equity white paper to learn more.

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