Although Tether (USDT) has not moved much in recent times, its market numbers have continued to grow, reaching more than $ 80 billion (USDT / USD) last week. This stable currency is the highest level of crypto currency of its kind, and with the second highest stable stable currency USD Coin (USDC), they hold 70% of the market share for stable coins.


Theater development

Tetter spent a lot of time last year arguing over where the dollar support came from. According to the coin’s creators, each tether token must be backed up in US dollars, but government investigations have confirmed that some are backed by US bond and other informal fiscal options. A government inquiry found that 2.65% of the holdings were in US dollars.

After Tetar had to pay a fine, the controversy erupted, and he was able to hold on to the investor and become stronger than ever. Tether’s trade volume is now more than $ 68 billion, making it the largest share of the market.

Tether is designed to protect against market fluctuations, forcing it to watch prices rise and fall on a regular basis, such as bitcoin. That means the price of Tet will not change much and will be surprisingly close to the US dollar. In this way, Tetter can be used as a cryptocurrency focal point to trade between different currencies and maintain holdings on decentralized financial instruments in a volatile market.

When the price of other cryptocurrencies decreases or shoots, investors may move their assets to Theater for a period of time until the market is a little safer and more predictable. As long as the market remains flexible, Tater can enjoy high levels of trading.

Tethering should continue to grow, but traders should see it as less of an investment and more of a safe haven, when they want to liquidate their assets but are not at risk.

Where did Tether come from?

Tater Launched in 2014, it is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, ranking under Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

In 2017, a dishonest support claim was first made, which investigated what was believed to be Tater and 100% US $ support. Since then, similar charges have been filed year after year, pending the completion of the CFTC investigation and fine last year.

While the investigation is in full swing, Tetter’s business volume has increased over the past year.


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