Ripple’s XRP is supported at $ 0.8060. Can he go out?

Ripple’s XRP finally gained support at the $ 0.8058 level, and the closure of candlesticks above this level indicates an increase in XRP / USD. Wednesday’s forecast for Ripple’s crypto XRP to be among the top 10 secret currencies in 2022 has negatively affected XRP prices. The report suggests that Bitcoin will outperform the S&P … Read more

Sasfin: Forex Daily Market – Oil is heading for weekly gains –

Today’s topic Oil update Analysis: Oil is going to make a weekly profit, offsetting fears over the Omicron variance and lifting many travel restrictions initially imposed upon availability. As we enter the Christmas break, Brent’s contract for the previous month is trading at over $ 76 a barrel, and we are heading for more than … Read more