Are Ethereum ETH and Litecoin LTC starting to decline ?

After declining in November, cryptocurrencies tried to make significant changes in late January, which failed and crypto prices fell again this month. The escalation of the Ukraine crisis has had a negative impact on financial markets, which have been weighing on risky assets, such as stock markets. Cryptocurrencies took another dive, but this time the … Read more

Are Terra LUNA and Polkadot Crypto starting to undo ?

Polkadot has become very volatile in the crypto market during this 3-month period, although the decline may end in the crypto market. Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH) are in full swing after losing more than half their value, and Polkadot and Terra Luna have begun to reverse. Could this be the … Read more

Why you would like A Forex Trading System To Succeed – A Story Of Two Forex Traders Just Starting Out

With whatever field or investment you want to require on, there are always tools and resources available to help you. And this is often very true when it involves Forex. The currency market are often quite overwhelming, and becoming a successful Forex trader doesn’t come from pure luck. There are just too many factors which … Read more