Prague stocks set for big losses since 2020 Ukraine crisis

Prague shares They have been hit by a big one-day loss since the end of 2020, and other Central European boards have also fallen victim to global markets around Ukraine, although most currencies remain profitable. Credit support from promotion. Prague shares (.PX) fell by 2.17% at 1453 GMT, while Warsaw (.WIG20) fell by 2.94%. Bucharest … Read more

FX, stocks weaken amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Central European stocks and currencies weakened on Friday, as tensions eased in Russia and Ukraine and investors awaited clues from policy support from the US Federal Reserve. Warsaw (.WIG20) declined sharply in European and international markets by 1.7% and 1.7% as a result of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and weak economic data. Shares … Read more

Stocks, FX Flat Cc Bank-Hard Week Before; Turkish lira sink

Turkish lira reaches new low, c. Bank is expected to reduce rates Hungary C. Bank to start walking on Tuesday. Focus on the Federation meeting on Wednesday December 13 (Reuters) – Most emerging stock markets and currencies were flat on Monday, ahead of this week’s Central Bank meetings and economic data. Although the Turkish lira … Read more