Ripple XRP is now looking for more blues than Cardano ADA

The war on cryptocurrencies has continued and has been having a negative impact on prices since May last year. We’ve seen the latest clandestine end in late January, and buyers have gone in the past few weeks, but they’re still not sure because politics is trying to interfere with cryptos. The Central Bank of Hungary … Read more

China’s Xi Jinping finds more leaders under diplomatic pressure over Winter Games

More than 30 foreign leaders have traveled to Beijing to attend Friday’s opening ceremony. However, the United States and other Western nations have held winter games in the northwest of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in response to geopolitical tensions and human rights abuses. The Global Times, which is run by the ruling Communist Party … Read more

Are Terra LUNA and Polkadot Crypto starting to undo ?

Polkadot has become very volatile in the crypto market during this 3-month period, although the decline may end in the crypto market. Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH) are in full swing after losing more than half their value, and Polkadot and Terra Luna have begun to reverse. Could this be the … Read more

What is the next step for SOL transactions ?

SOL still shows some weaknesses The crypto market was hit by a network congestion that cost more than $ 43,000, forcing Binance to temporarily disconnect at various intervals through the network. At the time of writing this article. SOL / USD It sells for around $ 151.64. Solana is still struggling with network congestion. The … Read more

Ripple (XRP / USD) and Cardano (ADA / USD) Daily View

The famous Ripple Vs. The SEC issue is expected to be resolved in April this year In September 2020, the SEC filed a lawsuit against John M. FIFE and five other regulatory bodies for selling $ 21 billion worth of securities and $ 61 billion in profits. SundaeSwap has announced its decision to build DEX … Read more

Over 1805 Gold – Quick Daily View

With the rapid spread of cholera, gold was gaining momentum. Despite the fact that China has the highest number of infections in four months, there is a lock in that city. Gold is experiencing strong resistance at 1,809 levels and 1,815 levels. A bulldozer crossing over 1,815 steps exposes the metal to 1,832. Gold It … Read more