Consider the gaps: The world needs to radically change its education systems, not just modernize them

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In September 2022, the United Nations organized the first-ever High-level Education Change Summit, calling on stakeholders to make commitments and address the challenges we face. We heard again how the needs are enormous: in low-income countries, 25% of youth and just over 55% of adults remain illiterate, while 250 million children … Read more

Karnataka: Forum of Former Vice Chancellors presents report to tackle ‘management gaps’ in higher education

The Forum of Former Vice Chancellors of Karnataka (FVCK) recently submitted a report to the state’s Department of Higher Education recommending a large number of changes to address ‘administrative gaps’ in the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, among others. Dr KS Rangappa, Chairman of the FVCK, at a press conference in Bengaluru … Read more