What should you consider when choosing a CFD / Forex broker?

Choosing the right broker is not easy! Especially when there are many platforms for such services. However, because the number of retail accounts is higher than ever, it is more important than ever to trade before you pay your account. Most traders lose money and only 12% are profitable. Social media has made it possible … Read more

Russia raises funds for banks, forex market after invasion of Ukraine

People pass February 11, 2019 at the Central Bank headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Russian ruble, Putin’s troops in Ukraine Russian bank CB intervenes in forex market for the first time since 2014 Provides additional forex and ruble liquidity to banks Finmin has released new OFZ bonds for the coming weeks Anxiety tests show the financial … Read more

Forex Explained | American News – American News and World

What is Forex? Forxes, or foreign currencies, are the marketplace for investors to buy and sell currencies around the world. If you have ever traveled abroad or noticed some magazines listing US and Canadian dollars, you probably already know the concept of currency. Forex markets allow traders to exchange one currency for another. These exchange … Read more

Tap Forex crunch Indian Exporters in Sri Lanka

Large-scale exports from the port of Tutukudi to Sri Lanka are not clear at the port of Colombo due to the island’s export crisis. About 60% of Sri Lanka’s domestic demand comes from southern ports, particularly Tutukudi. Sri Lankan rupee depreciated sharply against the dollar, causing Foxes to fall. Rising inflation and rising oil prices … Read more

Forex Today Secure Securities Streams dominate mid-week markets

Wednesday, January 19 Here is what you need to know: Wall Street’s major indexes fell sharply, with 10-year U.S. bond yields rising 1.9% on Tuesday for more than two years. With Russia-Ukraine tensions, inflation and the growing number of coronavirus cases in Asia, a safe flow continued to dominate financial markets. On the day, construction … Read more

Forex Today indicates Powell has set up a slow balance

According to the federation’s chairman, it could take months for the accounts to begin to recover, hoping that markets will move more toward US monetary policy. In a parliamentary hearing yesterday, The federation’s chairman, Jerome Paul, said it could take several months for the FOMC to decide on the accounts. This is in line with … Read more

Sasfin: Forex Daily Market – Oil is heading for weekly gains –

Today’s topic Oil update Analysis: Oil is going to make a weekly profit, offsetting fears over the Omicron variance and lifting many travel restrictions initially imposed upon availability. As we enter the Christmas break, Brent’s contract for the previous month is trading at over $ 76 a barrel, and we are heading for more than … Read more