Oil shortage in Sri Lanka, foreign exchange crisis

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Sri Lanka is in a foreign exchange crisis This has led to currency fluctuations and has affected the flow of essential commodities such as food, medicine and fuel, which has led to International Monetary Fund (IMF) For help. The country’s inflation rate, which was 17.5 percent in February – the highest since 2015 – is … Read more

Foreign exchange margin trading market analysis on growth and forecasting

Of Foreign exchange margin trading Market Innovation Technologies is one of the leading markets in the development and development of the most diversified sectors. After an in-depth analysis of the industries in the foreign exchange margin trading market, the market report provides in-depth information on industry trends related to export and import trends in the … Read more

Ukrainian foreign exchange student in Iowa worries about returning home

There was always something that Matthew Franሱois could change to escape – playing music. A Ukrainian teenager enrolled in a foreign exchange student program at Vali High School in August. Most of all, I love this school because I am everywhere with music, such as orchestra, concert singers, concert singers, Acapela singers, “said Franሱois.” But … Read more

Sri Lanka loses power over foreign exchange crisis

Colombo falls – As the country continues to plunge into decades of economic crisis, officials in Sri Lanka are stepping up power outages, leading to fuel shortages and frequent power outages. The Sri Lankan Public Utilities Commission will close the grid for four hours and 40 minutes due to a shortage of 540 megawatts, officials … Read more

Idris: CBN not allowing us window to foreign exchange

•We Are Following Due Process To Discipline Errant Staff The interview was scheduled for 12.30 pm on Tuesday. By one o’clock, we got information that instead of the old Secretariat at Area 1, the session with the acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS), Idris Isah Jere, would hold at the ultra modern NIS … Read more