Look closely at Virginia’s higher education

My advice to young people has always been to go to whatever college you want as long as it is in Virginia. Whatever the criteria for selecting an institution to pursue higher education, Virginia colleges and universities can meet the need. For liberal arts, engineering, science, and performing arts, big or small, there is a … Read more

At KSC, a Nepalese woman details efforts to provide higher education to thousands

A woman who has led more than 3,500 young women from her homeland to higher education shared her story at Keene State College on Wednesday, which four of her students called a second home. In an evening lecture in the Alumni Hall, Usha Acharya, a Nepalese woman and co-founder of the Little Sisters Fund, spoke … Read more

UNM receives $28.5 million from NM Department of Higher Education for faculty positions

The funds will support faculty and strengthen the state’s core workforce for years to come The New Mexico Department of Higher Education recently announced that it has awarded $110.5 million in faculty endowment money to 13 colleges and universities across New Mexico, including $28.5 million to the University of New Mexico, to recruit and retain … Read more

US Consulate General launches campaign to promote higher education in the United States

U.S. Consul General Karen Graceette welcomed education partners, stakeholders and special guests to her residence to develop educational partnerships to support the upcoming Consular campaign to study with the United States on Wednesday evening. To further the long-standing educational exchange relationship between the United States and Bermuda, the US Consulate has built support for the … Read more

Experts “sound the alarm” about declining higher education numbers; Institutions’ reaction

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Thomas Cook India shouts at Education Forum

Past History:Britain’s Marie Gold announces 10 Chapter 3 winners of My Start Initiative will affect nearly 40 million Indian women in three seasons. Thomas Cook India excelled in the forks of Education. Published March 16, 2022 After 2021 epidemic recovery, it will be 120% higher than before the epidemic It will redesign and improve the … Read more