Consider the gaps: The world needs to radically change its education systems, not just modernize them

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In September 2022, the United Nations organized the first-ever High-level Education Change Summit, calling on stakeholders to make commitments and address the challenges we face. We heard again how the needs are enormous: in low-income countries, 25% of youth and just over 55% of adults remain illiterate, while 250 million children … Read more

The Center for Global Change expands the commitment to innovative higher education

The major challenges facing society are large and complex – such as global climate change, pollution, the spread of emerging infectious diseases and invasive species. More than ever, scientists are forced to consider the context and impacts of their research through a broader social, cultural, and economic lens. Educational institutions including Virginia Tech are adapting … Read more

Thomas A. State University. Edison, Formed to “Create a Radical Change” in Higher Education, Celebrates 50 Years

Retired teacher Elizabeth “Pete” Ewing still remembers the excitement when she walked on stage at Thomas A. Edison State University, the first person to receive a diploma from the school, in nearly 50 years. Ewing, 76 years old, from Marlton, She was lucky to make history at the opening ceremony in June 1973 because the … Read more