While Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to trade at key levels and keep buyers out of the general market for one session, SOL is still on the run in early Tuesday. At the time of writing this article. SOL / USD It is trading at around $ 168.

The key developments we look forward to in 2022:

However, the downturn in the market has not abated by the enthusiasm for the coin by 2022, with many making huge predictions for the fastest-growing blockchain network in the market. With plans to launch a major core network this year, there is no reason to doubt that SOL will affect new ATHs.

In addition to adding more projects to the ecosystem, the developers behind Solana are looking for ways to further reduce and expand gas payments on the network. We can also expect blockchain smart contracts to be upgraded in the coming months by increasing the cost of SOL as more NFT projects are launched on the network.

SOL supported by many basics

Meanwhile, the Solana Native Wallet Fund has seen tremendous growth over the past few months, with user base reaching 40,000 to 1.8 million by April 2021 by the end of 2021. The figures were shared on Phantom’s official Twitter account, which he said was more than that. $ 16 billion SOL sold to consumers, with volatility exceeding $ 1.37 billion.

According to data from Defi Lama, Solana is currently ranked fifth in Defi Elma, with 45 protocols worth more than $ 11.5 billion. Thanks to the template features, with many DeFi projects coming soon, blockchain could be rolled out soon, which would increase SOL’s value.

SOL / USD Technical Analysis

According to Austin Daily co-ordinator Austin Arnold, the speed of sola and bullying among users could continue to grow dApps next year. Coinbase’s chief product officer shares high-speed blockchain forecasts, which are expected to significantly improve its supply chain and boost its growth.


The technical analysis of the SOL / USD H4 chart shows a strong bias between the moving averages and the MACD. However, the speed indicator also shows some interest among buyers.

Solana’s price remains below $ 182.97 but is gaining momentum with $ 161.06. The increase in sales pressure, however, could see the support being tested soon, so let’s keep an eye on it for now.


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