Shiba Inu (SHIB) seems to be recovering some losses as he makes his way back to where he was a few hours ago after a few baptisms. At the time of writing this article. SHIB / USD It sells for around $ 0.000033.

The second most popular memecoin is now ranked 13th in the market capitalization, despite growing frustration with major currencies and the vast crypto sector. This SHIB token details have recently been opened at several popular crypto exchanges around the world. Shiba Inu has added NiceHash to the platform, which has now confirmed its meme token to users to trade with USDT.

Another exciting development that supports interest-bearing purchases on Shiba Inu Coins is GameStop’s partnership with Flexa to start receiving payments in SHIB. A few months ago, the leader of the stock market, Mem Me Share, tried to push for adoption of the NFTs and Web 3.0, but announced that it would start receiving payments in crypto currencies.

As we mentioned in our last update, whales are gaining a large bear market, including SHIB, to increase their holdings in several major currencies as prices fall. According to WhaleStats, a major cryptocurrency holder bought 4 trillion shiba in tokens for $ 136 million. Out of 1,000 ETH whales, SHIB plays a major role Of their portfolios, 7.71%, total value is $ 1.7 billion.

Meanwhile, Sheba Inu, a Canadian healthcare company, asked The Doctor to look into the looming legal crisis after placing their assets on tokens, accusing memecoin of fraud. “Tomorrow we will file our first lawsuit against Shib Token and Shitoshi Kusama in the UK,” he said. It is our duty to protect the crypto community from these scammers. We find out who they are.

SHIB / USD Technical Analysis

The 4-hour chart technical analysis shows a significant bias between most moving averages and the MACD. However, the 100 EMA, 200 EMA and Momentum Indicators indicate interest among the sellers in the market.


Shiba Inu is currently trading at $ 0.000032, which is an encouraging sign for buyers. The next key step to look at is the immediate resistance at $ 0.000035.


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