• The famous Ripple Vs. The SEC issue is expected to be resolved in April this year
  • In September 2020, the SEC filed a lawsuit against John M. FIFE and five other regulatory bodies for selling $ 21 billion worth of securities and $ 61 billion in profits.
  • SundaeSwap has announced its decision to build DEX on Cardano, as it is faster and cheaper than alternative modern contract platforms.

Ripple (XRP / USD) Daily View

Of XRP / USD The pair closed at $ 0.75314, setting a high of $ 0.7665, after two consecutive sessions before turning green.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a letter of authorization to attack Ripple ‘s fair notice in the Ripple case, after a sudden attack on the Ripple case.

The famous Ripple Vs. The SEC issue is expected to be resolved by April this year. However, the SEC has launched a new campaign that has raised concerns that many expectations may change. For example, the controller used a win-win action from another issue to hit the Ripple key argument. The SEC sold $ 21 billion in securities for $ 21 billion in September 2020 and made a $ 61 billion profit, without appearing in court to sue John M FIFE and five of his supervisors as a security distributor. FIFE Defense took a similar approach to Ripple, the SEC did not give them a fair warning, and the word “distributor” could be widely translated. Last month, the court rejected the argument.

Ripple Vs. In the case of the SEC, the Ripple Fair Advertising Defendant was unable to notify the SEC of its breach of federal security rules and the term “investment contract” was being misused by the SEC, the SEC added. XRP Investment Agreement was erroneous in terms of facts, rules and shares. Now that the SEC has announced the final results of the FIFE case, Ripple’s expectations for winning the case have been blurred, by weight. XRP / USD.

Cardano (ADA / USD) Daily View

The ADA / USD closed at $ 1.1692 after setting a high of $ 1,2050 and a low of $ 1,1480. ADA / USD declined for the third consecutive session on Sunday, amid negative market sentiment. The ADA / USD decline was triggered by a recent announcement by SundaeSwap Labs on Friday. SundaeSwap calls itself the sweetest decentralized exchange on Cardano and tells the public about some of the restrictions and restrictions that blockchain and DEX will show on the opening day and in the first weeks after the launch.

Sundaewap said they decided to build DEX on Cardano, because it is faster and cheaper than alternative modern contract platforms. It also runs a non-profit foundation and regularly collaborates with higher education institutions. According to SundaeSwap, Cardano is superior, and is a better option for future projects.

Meanwhile, the entire crypto market has come under increasing pressure from leading cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. The ADA / USD also fell to a low level over the weekend, beginning in July 2021, following widespread negative market sentiment. For the past five months. The Alonzo update has been under environmental pressure from Cardano since its live broadcast in September 2021.


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