Prague shares They have been hit by a big one-day loss since the end of 2020, and other Central European boards have also fallen victim to global markets around Ukraine, although most currencies remain profitable. Credit support from promotion.

Prague shares (.PX) fell by 2.17% at 1453 GMT, while Warsaw (.WIG20) fell by 2.94%. Bucharest (.BETI) is down 1.24 percent.

Central European stock markets have been under pressure since Monday, with traders saying Prague’s weak currency has led to a loss, with even optimism about Ukraine.



Russian troops are moving across Ukraine’s border, sparking fears of a Western-backed invasion of Moscow.

News that US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed in principle to convene a summit on the crisis had raised concerns earlier on Monday but soon plummeted and plunged stocks and accelerated losses in Central Europe. Read more

Despite staying in the top 2022, money was better but volatile due to tensions in Eastern Europe.

As markets rallied in Hungary on Tuesday, Forint led the region on a profit of 0.35% to 356.54 euros on Monday. It has increased by 3.6% since the beginning of the year.

An FX trader in Budapest said: “Tomorrow’s price hike is taken by investors, so Fort is not moving properly.”

“If the central bank raises its base rate by more than 50 points, this will be positive for the exchange rate, but I do not see a big chance for that.”

In the Polish Zloti, the euro fell from 0.04% to 4.5329.

Strong retail data on Monday, combined with strong industry output figures for the past week, will support further inflation.

“Overall, all of this adds to the area where the MPC will continue to strengthen its monetary policy. At ING Bank Slaski, there

Among other trades, the Czech crown fell 0.21%, the Romanian special flat.


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