High TV is back. A.D. After entering 2020 – the first decline since FX began counting the number of scripts each year – the number of original scripts on television has once again been recorded in 2021.

A.D. FX Research, which has been counting TV shows since its entry into the script game with “Shield” in 2002, last year had 559 adult script original series on broadcast, cable and streaming services. Of the 493 shows by 2020 (13% change), 66 are the biggest. The previous highest was the 532 Series.

This year’s return was triggered by a series of delays in production due to the Covide-19 outbreak in 2020. But it is likely to be the result of a number of additional streams that have entered the game over the past decade, including Paramount Plus, which has been re-branded by Peacock, HBX Max and re-branded.

By comparison, on the eve of the 2011 streaming revolution, there were 266 original script episodes on TV – 116 on broadcast, 33 on paid cable, 111 on basic cable and 6 – you read that correctly, SIX – on stream / online. Services. And when FX entered the game with “Shield” in 2002, there were 182 script episodes on TV (135 on broadcast, 17 on cable, 30 on cable, and nothing on stream).

Unlike in previous years, FX has chosen not to stop broadcasting, networking or streaming. And the list does not include non-English scenes (ie, no Squid Game), children’s programs or short content (as in previous Cube on Roku).

FX Computing includes PBS shows on broadcast, as well as all premium and highly rated basic cable networks (as well as Spectrum Originals). List of shows from Akron TV, ALLBLK, Amazon, AMC Plus, Apple TV Plus, BET Plus, BritBox, Crackle, Disney Plus, Facebook Watch, HBO Max, Hulu, IMDb TV, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Roku, Shudder, Sundance Now, Tubi and YouTube

John Landgraff, head of the FX Networks, was part of a press release from the Critical Television Critics Association, which broadcasts the status of script TV and Pick TV, but in recent years the network has delayed its presentation. Landgraph once predicted that Pic TV sound would be really high because it would not be commercially viable. But a streaming media outlet changed that prediction. Landgraph acknowledges that growth is more sustainable than previously thought.


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