New Delhi: It was a big mistake to allow Nawaz Sharif to leave the country, says Imran Khan, senior journalist shot dead in Karachi, and other news from neighboring Pakistan
Allowing Nawaz Sharif to make mistakes Imran Khan
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan says the departure of former Prime Minister and PM-Nawaz Sharif Nawaf Sharif is a “grave mistake” by his government.
The sheriff, charged with corruption, went to England for medical treatment in November 2019.
At a public rally, Khan protested against the PML-N, PPP and other opposition parties “looting the country’s resources and spending their money abroad.”
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The government is looking to increase people’s gold forex stock
The government is considering borrowing gold biscuits and bars from the public to increase foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have continued to fall by more than $ 5 billion over the past three months.
According to the proposal, commercial banks will issue interest-bearing bargains to the gold owner and pay interest. To increase its forks, they deposit the gold with the State Bank of Pakistan.
Senior journalist shot dead in Karachi
A senior journalist working for Sama TV, a private channel, was shot dead in an ambush near Karachi, North Nazimabad.
According to police, Atin Martin, who was driving the car, tried to thwart the auction when he saw armed motorcycles entering the car and robbing another citizen.
At that moment, one of the riders on a motorcycle opened fire on Martin’s car. He died of gunshot wounds.
During his first visit to the park, Bill Gates discussed health issues with Prime Minister Khan
During his first visit to Pakistan, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss efforts to prevent cholera and eradicate polio.
Pakistan remains one of the two countries where polio remains endemic.
Gates attended a meeting of the country’s top anti-cholera unit and spoke with Planning Minister Assad Omar.
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The ruling TTP united in opposition to the JUI-F ‘Aurat March.
Pakistani Tahrir e-Insaf and opposition leader Jamiyat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl have rallied against the country’s deep-rooted missionary and patriarchal unity.
Ahead of International Women’s Day, the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and JUI-F both called it “Islamic,” Dawn reported.
“If there is any attempt to commit atrocities in Islamabad on March 8, we will condemn it,” warned the head of the Islamist group Islamabad.
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The US-led navy has joined Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
The Israeli navy confirmed on Thursday that it had participated in a US-led exercise with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and some countries that have no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.
Participants include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia and Yemen, which have no diplomatic relations with Israel.
The two-year practice Launched in 2012, it has become “the largest international naval exercise in the Middle East,” according to the US Navy.


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