Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Executive Officer of Nova Skoshi Health, reported 55 new cases at St. Francis Javier University on Friday, bringing the total to 114.

The district reported a total of 123 COVID-19 cases on Friday. Fifty-six cases in the Central Zone, 60 cases in the Eastern Zone (including Antigonization), one case in the North Zone and one in the Western Zone. The district has not yet identified any omicron variants, but investigations are being sent to the National Laboratory for review.

The first case against St. FX was reported on Tuesday.

See Friday’s brief with Dr. Strang

Earlier this week, Stranger said he would expect a Cluster Case Cluster at St. FX’s X Ring Ring Ceremony and a number of permitted and unauthorized events on December 4 and 5.

According to the president of the university, the school-approved activities follow public health guidelines. Strong said an investigation was under way to determine if any public health protocols were broken, but there were no updates on Friday.

Strang Some new issues in the Central Zone may be related to the St. FX outbreak because many people have traveled to other areas for X-Ring ceremonies. Halifax students who have been positively tested are listed on their health card, which means they are counted in the Central Zone.

Dozens of vulnerabilities were reported this week in connection with the Antigonish area.

A few cases in PEI and Ontario have been linked to the St. FX epidemic, String said.

Student support

In an e-mail, a spokesman for the FF said the university was supporting students who had been in close contact with those infected with the virus.

Some measures include transferring students from a roommate or roommate to an apartment on campus.

The university said it will exclude students when they want to be excluded because they have positive signs or tests and are waiting for PCR test results, or because they are positive about PCR testing.

Home students receive food on their own.

The university nurse watches the students every day. The university said it would support the student until he was cleansed of public health. Public Health may also assess a student’s ability to be isolated outside of campus.

Finally, students outside of campus will be provided with groceries through the University Neighborhood Aid Neighborhood Program.

St. FX has a teaching program and Strang says students are being dragged out of the classroom. He said there were no immediate plans to close schools due to the Antigonic plague. Three schools in the area were the subject of a December 9 vulnerability announcement:

  • Chedabucto Education Center / Guysborough Academy, Guysborough
  • Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School, Antigonish
  • St. Andrew Junior School, Antigonish

Anyone who has investigated Strang’s involvement with CV-19 is asked to identify and contact people in close contact.

Anyone who has been identified as a contact should be excluded and have a PCR test for 72 hours, regardless of vaccination status. If the test is negative, they no longer need to isolate themselves.

Strong said public health workers are lagging behind in conducting extended contact searches due to the number of cases. Instead of waiting for public health, the staff encourages people who are identified by positive contacts to seek out their own relationships and to exclude them immediately if they can be contacted.

Strang expects to see more in the coming days, but people should not worry too much about numbers.

“Maybe we’re getting closer or closer to our issues and then we have to start seeing things shrink,” he said.

Strang said most of the people who came in contact with CV-19 had at least one dose of the vaccine and that so far all cases were simple.

“It shows the protective effect of the vaccines, especially in severe cases,” he said.

Atlantic Canada Case Numbers

  • New Brunswick reported one death and 143 new cases on Friday. The district has 971 active cases, 70 people are in hospital, 34 are in intensive care.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador reported two cases on Friday. The district has 13 active cases.
  • Prince Edward Island reported seven cases on Friday. The district has 31 active cases.


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