He added that the revenue originally intended for the acquisition of the electronics has now been allocated to capital and operating expenses.

“It is unfortunate that our supply to Celtic has failed, but we have followed a two-track strategy since the beginning of the bidding,” said CEO Doris Hussein. I am thrilled that we are now exploring a wide range of options to advance technology and build our capacity.

The expansion plan includes investments in Asia, Europe and the United States, the company said.

The new production lines are expected to grow in the second half of next year and expand on a quarterly basis.

Hsu declined to provide details, citing confidentiality.

The failure to purchase has led to recent efforts to boost production on the continent, citing Europe’s dependence on Asian suppliers as a global shortage of semiconductors.

The German Ministry of Economy has stated that it is not possible to complete all the investment assessments, especially the anti-confidence rating issued last month in China.

On January 21, the Chinese market regulator said it would confirm the conditions for the purchase.

Hsu told reporters that China ‘s decision was delayed due to delays in reaching an agreement with Germany, but declined to comment on whether it would continue to hold talks with the German government.

“Everyone is speculating. The official statement is that there is not enough time,” she said when asked if other factors, such as protection, were playing a role in the failure of the deal.

Walker Chemi, who owns 30.83 percent of the electronics, said he was disappointed by the decision by the Ministry of Economy and said he still wanted to sell his remaining shares in the medium term.

As the semiconductor industry grew, the deal created a second-largest maker of 300mm watts behind Japan’s Shin-Etsu.

Germany, one of its major sectors, has made significant changes to its high-tech supply chain following a global chip shortage.

The European semiconductor company was recently acquired by an Asian buyer and acquired by Renesa Electronics Corporation of Japan.

GlobalWavers acquired a major stake in Celtic last year and initially hoped the transaction would be completed by the end of 2021.

($ 1 = 0.8736 Euros)

($ 1 = 27,7990 Taiwanese dollars)


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