Economic data for the day was blank, but the FOMC meeting in the rear view mirror allowed federation officials to open their mouths to express their views on the economy.

After Fed Williams’ comments on CNBC about inflation and why the federation is so high, it seems difficult to answer questions on CNBC while buying bonds. What caught the attention of the markets was the comments:

March 15-16 It is the 2nd meeting in 2022. The federation has announced that it will pay $ 30 B from January. Given the current level and the accelerated $ 30 billion, it looks like it will take a little longer than March 16 (as early as 2H.

Needless to say, the comments were a bit shocking to the market. Walking expectations for March increased by more than 56% and subsequent months increased. The federation estimates that the federal fund will reach 0.9% by the end of the year. If March was suddenly straightforward and the federation was on foot, there would be six meetings between March and the end of the year. The forex market “HMMMM” (I heard it) and the dollar purchase continued to end.

In terms of strong to weak currencies, the USD was the strongest and the NZD was the weakest.

The US dollar is the strongest currency.

The US dollar appreciated sharply against the US dollar (CAD, NZD and AUD).

At the end of the week, in other markets:

  • Spot gold is trading at $ 1797 unchanged. As the dollar strengthened and strengthened, the precious metal began to rise to $ 1814.27.
  • Spot Birr is declining by $ 0.10 or -0.44% to $ 22.37. It was $ 22.67 before it went back.
  • Futures of WTI crude oil traded at $ 70.30, down $ -1.85 a day.
  • Bitcoin moved lower and traded lower at $ 45,750, but was unable to trade back to $ 47,000 by 5pm on Friday. Of course, Bitcoin will remain open all weekend, but the turmoil near its support has provided some comfort for a long time.

In the US stock market today, the major indexes closed during the day, and closed for a week. European stocks closed in red this week.

US and European stocks close lower on the day.

In the U.S. debt market today, short-term stocks are moving higher. The two-year yield is trading at a low of 0.603% and close at 0.6437% at 2.3 base points. However, the long-term end continues to put pressure on the 30-year-old, who is now down 1.821 percent. This was a low -4.0 basis. 10 products, less than a month old, traded at 1.69%. It is down to 1,372 percent today. A little strange about the taper.

US production is low.


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