Blockchain interactions have grown significantly since launching the highly regarded parachute on the DOT network, resulting in significant scalability for projects. At the time of writing this article. DOT / USD It sells for around $ 24.54.

More on Polkadot Parachains

The first parachute bids have just been completed, allowing individual networks or parachute developers to go hand in hand to help them understand their vision of a harmonious, harmonious ecosystem. Akala, Munbem, Parallel Finance, Aster and Clover are the first five parachins to launch live on the Polkadot network, applying for DeFi, investments and loans.

After five years of parachute launch, the team behind the blockchain will allow the winning projects to stay on the network relay chain for 96 weeks. The Polkadot Relay Chain caters to mutual understanding and communication between different parachutes.

Gavin Wood, founder of Ethereum and Polkadot founder, said: Just as the current version of the Internet addresses different needs, blockchains must also be able to provide a variety of services. Parachains solve this.

Further fundamental developments that may affect DOT

Gear Technologies, a $ 12 million fundraiser, has successfully completed a ኮ ልካ ሽፋን ሽፋን ሽፋን ሽፋን ሽፋን OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT OT D D D D D D OT D D D D OT D OT OT OT 12 OT 12 12 The blockchain-led initiative has received investments from three arrows including Capital, Lemniscap, Web 3 Foundation and Parity Technology, and Palkadot founder Gavin Wod.

However, these strong fundamentals have not given much strength to the DOT coin, which continues to weaken the volatility in the volatile crypto market. Institutional investors last week withdrew $ 2.5 million from Polkadot related funds, pushing them into the top 10 in the list of cryptos, adding to the pressure on the ongoing process.

DOT / USD Technical Analysis

When we look at the 4-hour DOT / USD chart, we find that there is a bias against all moving averages. However, the leading indicators MACD and Momentum also indicate some buying interest among investors.


Pulcadot is priced at $ 26.21, but is up $ 22.58. Let’s see if DOT goes beyond that.


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