Cardano has been one of the weakest currencies in the world since September, when Alonzo launched the upgrade. This was supposed to be a big event for Cardano, which will also help his ADA impersonation, but there has been no buy-in for ADA since September.

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain, using the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm and Alonzo-enhanced Cardano blockchain platform for digital applications (Dapps), smart contracts, decentralized (DeFi), decentralized (DEX) services. For currency trading transactions etc.

Cardano’s trading volume increased after the first DEX.

The first DEX was launched in January on the Cardano network, which was SundaeSwap. Trading volumes have increased on Blockchain as a result of this automated AMM, but there were also some congestion issues with the release of this DEX.

On the one hand, it shows a willingness to exchange coins, and on the other hand, it shows weakness in the network. Cardano’s team is trying to solve this problem by increasing block sizes by 11% and expanding Plutus script memory components. Cardano’s 24-hour audio volume has increased by more than $ 16 billion.

However, the ADA coin cannot help it. This is not a bad thing at all because it gives you a good chance to buy a token. Sharks with 10,000 to 100,000 ADA tokens were accumulating and Cardano’s Minswap DEX recorded a jump of about 350% last week. According to Twitter below, it jumped from $ 11.5 billion to $ 42,238 billion.

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Cardano Daily Chart – ADA continues to be the lowest

MAs ADA is pushing it on the daily chart.

But in spite of all this, the ADA / USD has been a low-sliding and moving averages during the high review period. The zone around $ 1 has been supporting it for about a year but the support was broken last month and now it has turned into a protest, which has not received the most recent devastation.

Most other major crypto currencies have gained support over the past few months and this is holding, but not for Cardano, which will continue to slide lower. Although we are following a price tag to see where to buy ADA tokens.



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