On Monday, Bitcoin failed to continue its recovery last week, hitting a low of $ 46,740.9 a day. Bitcoin could not grow above $ 48,500, and a new and permanent decline began. Following the trading period under the $ 48,000 and $ 47,500 levels, BTC He entered the negative zone. However, the cause of the crash may be related to the risk of further damage, which will affect most of the secret currencies. The fall of Bitcoin in 2022 is largely unaffected by the prognosis for Bitcoin in 2022.

An expert at the Warton School of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania has repeatedly warned against inflation and inflation. He also points out that Bitcoin has become the new gold for millennials. On Monday morning, the dollar depreciated in Asia, but 2022 had a slow start because of the holidays in many key Asian-Pacific markets. Global omicron COVID-19 continues to influence market sentiment, increasing demand for a safer environment. Despite the decline in the number of people arrested in western China, John Hopkins University estimates that the number of detainees worldwide has risen to 290 million since January 3.

US dollar traders have a busy week ahead of them. Highlights of this week’s calendar include ISM information, minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting, and off-farm payments over the weekend. In addition, US President Joe Biden may draw some attention to the appointment of three federal reserve governors.

According to reports, the President of El Salvador has offered six Bitcoin estimates for 2022. He expects two more countries to recognize Bitcoin as a legal currency this year. Meanwhile, the town of El Salvador’s Bitcoins is expected to be built this year and the country’s volcanic bonds will have excessive subscriptions. President Bookelem estimates that BTC will reach $ 100,000. El Salvador bought Bitcoin at 1,391 BTC after becoming the country’s official currency. However, these bullying predictions for Bitcoin’s future have so far had no effect on BTC / USD.

El Salvador President Bukeley believes Bitcoin will be legal this year in two more countries. As mentioned above, the city of El Salvador Beitkoin will be built this year and expects to record the country’s volcanic bonds. If it does not earn more than $ 48,000, the price of bitcoin may continue to plummet.

There is strong support at or near the $ 46,400 mark, the first major support is close to $ 46,100. If the price is below $ 46,100, it could be as low as $ 45,500. Further losses could lead to a deep fall below the $ 45,000 support line. In that case, the price could drop to $ 43,200. In addition, the strength of the US dollar was considered to be one of the main reasons for the devaluation of the BTC / USD. BTC / USD It is currently trading at 47,121.0 with a 52-week high of 46,740.9 and a low of 46,740.9.


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