Agent Jeff Witjas told People magazine: “I thought Betty would live to be 100 years old, but she would live forever. No reason given.

When the actress, who is in her 40s in the youth entertainment industry, was caught red-handed, White was a rising star in the 60’s and a pop culture phenomenon in the 80’s and 90’s.

Playing at her popular venue, White will star in “Hot Cleveland,” at the age of 92, until her retirement in late 2014.

White says her longevity is the result of good health, good fortune and a love of work.

“It’s amazing that I am still in this business and that I am still being patient,” White told her award for her long-standing work at the 2018 Emmy Awards. “It’s amazing how you can stay so professional and still have patience. I hope you do it at home.

White was not afraid to make fun of her and made a joke about her sex life or something that a white-haired old woman would not expect from a sweet smile. After such a long career, she was repeatedly asked if there was anything she still wanted to do and that the standard answer was “Robert Redford”.

“She was good at resisting expectations. She is very old and somehow, she is not old. We miss you Betty, ”wrote former Costara and friend Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.

In 2013, the New York Times reported: “Aging has not diminished.”

A few minutes after the news broke, US President Joe Biden told reporters: “It’s a shame. She was a beautiful woman. Who doesn’t love Betty White? We are saddened by her death. ”

Betty Marion White was born on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois, and her family moved to Los Angeles during the Great Depression, where she attended Beverly Hills High School.

One first in the 1930s

White began her entertainment career on the radio in the late 1930s, and in 1939 she sang her debut on the Los Angeles experimental channel. After serving in the American Women’s Volunteer Service during World War II, she had a five-hour daily live broadcast on Hollywood television.

A few years later, she started a production company and became a co-founder, producer and star of Life with Elizabeth Citcom in the 1950s.

A.D. In the 1960’s and early ’70s, White hosted the annual Rose Parade competition and appeared on television programs such as “Match Game” and “Password”. In 1963, she married Allen Luden, the third and last husband of “Password” host.

White has reached a new level of success with the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, starring the home-based TV show host snide, lusty Sue Ann Nivens. In her role in White House in 1975 and 1976, she defeated her most popular actress, Emis.

A.D. In 1986, another Emmy won “The Golden Girls”, a four-year-old sitcom in Miami, which is rarely seen on American television. In the 1985-1992 show, one of the highest-grossing series of 1985-1992, Amy was nominated six more times for appearing in White Widow, Sweet, Deaf and Stupid Midwest as White Widow.

The infamous ‘Golden Girl’ series of short films, talk shows and one-time television roles came along, including the one that Emmy won as a guest on the John Larochet Show.

A.D. In 2009, she starred in a number of TV shows and Sandra Bullock’s film proposals. She starred in Super Bowl candy advertising, and was brutally beaten in a mud pool during a football match.

A young white fan has launched a Facebook campaign to have a “Saturday Night Live” and she appeared in every design on the show and still won another Emmy for it.

The Associated Press chose the winner of the year in 2010, and in 2011 Reuters / Ipsos poll found that the 89-year-old White was the most popular and trusted celebrity in the United States with 86 percent of the vote.

Hosted by the White House of Records, White Hidden and Behavioral Behavior, a hidden camera scene in which older actors make jokes about younger people has become a reality.

“Who wants me to not only be healthy but still be invited to work?” White spoke in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2015.

White, with no children, worked for animal causes. At one point, she did not accept her role in the movie “As Good” because of a scene in which a dog was thrown in the trash.

Three days before her death, she eagerly awaited her great birthday on Twitter, saying, “I can’t believe my 100th birthday is coming.”


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