The European single currency ended at $ 1.1368, up 0.2% on the day. The pound is up 0.2% to $ 1.3636 and the yen is trading at $ 114.33.

This dollar index measures the green back with six major peers at 95.428, less than 0.2% for the session.

The dollar has risen sharply in recent months, with interest rates expected to rise sharply until early March, in a bid to curb rising inflation.

The US benchmark 10-year note was 1.8469%, the two-year high of 1.902% early Wednesday.

Profits come as traders prepare for the United States to strengthen their monetary policy faster than previously thought. The future of the Fed is expected to increase by a total of four in March and a total of four in 2022.

Elsewhere, a combination of high commodity prices and strict policy expectations supported Aussie and Lonin.

OCC strengthened 0.3%, extended gains from the previous day, and the Canadian dollar was returning to its 10-week high on Wednesday, at C $ 1.2489.

Analysts say Australia’s strong job market is also helping Australia with overnight readings.

“The latest Australian employment report provides further evidence that the labor market is shrinking and that the RBA (Australian Reserve Bank) will decide to discontinue the QE program immediately under its next policy. Meet on February 1,” said MUFG analyst Lee Hardman.

Hardman Canadian Dollar He noted that the G10 was performing better in 2022, with a sharp rise in oil prices – a seven-year high – and that the Bank of Canada would soon begin to appreciate.

Another Norwegian currency, linked to oil prices, performed well, rising 0.2 percent against the euro and the dollar.

Senior economist Kim Mundy said: “One overnight commodity prices were a major driver of currencies, but you should note that the Omicron (Covide-19 difference) will not have a lasting impact on the global economy. And Currency Strategy at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.



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